Why do people choose to look the way they do? And could the way people dress say anything about a neighborhood? Anything at all? What about stereotypes? And what does it say about the observer?

With a considerable amount of naivety and a sense of humor, I set out to be the amateur anthropologist of my own neighborhood. I observed people and in a short time tried to recreate their look in a self-portrait. The work was made and exhibited while in progress at Kijkruimte, an open workspace/gallery in the same area. To make a comparison in the work and the process I did the same in the North of Manhattan (Washington Heights) when I was there for two months. There, in contrast with Amsterdam, I was the 'outsider-observer'.

In collaboration we made a magazine about the work and the work process; one side being about Amsterdam (in dutch), the other about New York (in english).

MAGAZINE AMSTERDAM SIDE (pdf opens in new window)

MAGAZINE NY SIDE (pdf opens in new window)